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Guarantee and returns


The guarantee of Masks, guarantees the quality of the product it protects, under the terms laid down by law, for a period of one year, which may be extended to two years depending on the product or manufacturer.

Defects caused by negligence, impacts, improper use or handling, improper voltage, incorrect installation not carried out by the authorised technical service where appropriate, and materials subject to wear and tear from normal use are not included.

In cases where the use of the guarantee is warranted, repair, replacement, reduction or return shall be opted for in accordance with the conditions laid down by law.

The guarantee shall lose its value:

- if some of the particulars in the purchase order or receipt are amended, altered or replaced.
- If both the identification number and the guaranteed apparatus are tampered with or repaired without the knowledge of the Technical Service.
- If it lacks the signature or seal of the establishment.

In order to use the guarantee, the guarantee certificate must be presented together with the proof of purchase.

Our warranty includes all products shipped wrong, defective or within the 3-year warranty period. transportation will always pay What. In guarantees during the first year to orders made to Spain and Portugal the first year all transport will be free, during the second year the transport will be paid by the customer entering in guarantee the labor and the parts necessary for the repair of the product that is under guarantee, this transport of the second year of guarantee will always be given budget for the acceptance of payment by the customer.

To apply for the guarantee, contact us on 960627098 or send an e-mail to the following address:

Return of an article

To make a return, please send us an e-mail, via the following address: or by calling 960627098 from 10 to 13.30 monday to friday.

The items offered in our stores are endorsed by major commercial firms. Offering the highest quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers. If you are not satisfied when you receive your order, you have ninety (90) days from the date of receipt to exercise your right of return. The costs of shipping and collection in case of return shall be borne by the customer.

To make such a return, the product must be in perfect condition as it is sent without being noticed that it has been used, it must have its original packaging, it must arrive well closed and with its box protected as it was sent with black film or similar so that the sticker of the company never damages the original box. Once the goods have been received in our warehouses and the condition of the goods has been checked, they will be reimbursed in accordance with the payment method used by the customer.

Very important: in all products that are trying to return and are not in perfect condition, they will have to be returned to the customer paying the amount of the newly sent, with which if any doubt please contact us to approve the return, in electronic targets will not accept returns in targets that are marked on their back, you have to take this detail into account before mounting them on the wall since this product would already be marked and would be used which would not comply with the policy of returns. In darts and accessories will not be accepted returns if it has been played with and are marked, the darts simply if they fall to the ground are marked and this detail is very important to check before a return, if any doubt please contact us before.

Our goal is always that all customers of stay here satisfied with the treatment received by our customer service team, whether when making a purchase, making a phone call or visiting our physical store in Valencia, so please if you have any doubts contact us before making a purchase , so we can clarify them and advise you perfectly so that you always buy the best product that meets the needs of each customer and with all the guarantees we offer in